Wednesday, 24 September 2008


Hello, my name is Ale. I'm 41 years old. I'm a teacher.
I live with my husband Daniel and my son Tommy. We live in an apartment on the 4th floor.
I get up at a quarter to seven everyday. It's too early for me!!!!! I have a shower and I get dressed.
I wake my son up and I help him with his clothes.
I sometimes drive him to school.
I work at three different schools and I also have private students. I work a lot of hours a day! I'm really tired.
On Saturday I go with my son to the club. He sometimes plays football and he sometimes swims with me in the swimming pool.
After that, we have lunch together and I go to my art class. Some Saturdays Tommy comes with me and he paints beautiful pictures. I love going to my art class.
My husband works a lot. He works more than me!. He loves working!
He doesn't do any sports and he hasn't got any hobbies!
Well, this is my routine. What about you? What do you do everyday? What about your family or your friends?
Please write 8 lines about it!


Ale said...

Hello my name is tommy i live with daniel and alejandra we live in a apartament on the4 th floor. I get up seven o´clock and eat the breakfast and go to the school by car and study study study . The saturdays go to swim with my mum and go to footbaal and the sunday sleep

laure said...

Hello,my name is Magui,I am 8 years old,I live in anibal Troilo 983/981 on the 2nd floor.
Everyday I go to school by car and I study a lot.
At weekend I go to the club and I play hockey.
I love weekends.
my brother is in 7th and he goes home
at 3:00 every fridays